Kelly Porter

Illustration Work

2010 Artwork for the "Sky of Kao" Book Release
2010 Artwork for the Tales of the Bear and Raccoon People
2010 Artwork for the Sisyphus Film Poster
2010 Artwork and Design for the Bloody Snowman "Big Scary Woods" Digital Release
2009 Artwork for the Score Inspired Art poetry Program
2009 Artwork for the Back Cover of the Large Format Slingshot Organizer
2009 Artwork for the Nommo Ogo "Across Time and Space" CD Release
2008 Artwork for the Bloody Snowman "Bloody Buddies" CD Release
2007 Artwork and Design for the Gasp "If Only the Cold Morning was as Warm as us by Night" Cd Release
5/18/06 Mentioned Again in the SF Chronicle
7/22/05 Interviewed by the SF Chronicle "Berkeley: Painting in Public - Picassos Play the Pubs"
2005 Artwork for the Gasp "Ocule" CD Release
2004 Artwork for the Midnight Lazerbeam "A Death in the Discotheque" CD Release
2003 Artwork and Design for the Nommo Ogo "Meat and Red Triangles" 12" Record Release
2002 Artwork and Design for the Minion "Sardonic EP" 7" Record Release
2001 Artwork and Design for the Minion "Audible Defacatus" 12" Record Release
1997 Artwork for the Midnight Lazerbeam Self-Titled CD Release