Kelly Porter

Live Painting

3/20/10 "Grounded" Twin Space Continuum, SF
1/23/10 "Opiate" Twin Space Continuum, SF
10/27/09 "Goodbye Art Auction" Green Party HQ, SF
9/26/09 "ASR As you like it" Otherworld, Oakland
9/18/09 "Eat the Living Star" Julie's Tea Garden, Alameda
8/4/09 "Space Heater" Yoshi's, SF
7/5/09 "8 Legged Monster" Anna's Jazz Island, Berkeley
00/00/00 "Space Heater" Starry Plough, Berkeley
5/23/09 "Local365 1 Yr Anniversary" Space Gallery, SF
4/29/09 "8 Legged Monster" Club Deluxe, SF
4/24/09 "Nommo Ogo" The Compund, SF
3/13/09 Fantasy T-Shirts, Berkeley
1/13/09 "Elefont Show" Element Lounge, SF
12/6/08 "Local 365 Mapp" New Door, SF
11/9/08 "Spazz Brunch" Sunspot, SF
11/1/08 "Local365 Strawberry & Bacon" 111 Minna Gallery, SF
10/18/08 "Katanexus" Orbis Nex, Oakland
10/15/08 "Classical Revolution" Socha, SF
10/11/08 "Green Party Supe" House of Love, SF
9/31/08 "Hump Night" Elbo Room, SF
9/13/08 "Oaklyn Records Release" Somarts, SF
8/9/08 "Local365/Juxtapoz/Daly City Records" Club Six, SF
8/2/08 "Local 365 Frida Mapp" New Door, SF
7/23/08 "North Beach Jazz Fest" The Royale, SF
7/12/08 "Summer UG" Muchthump Warehouse, Oakland
6/13/08 "Cloud Factory Aviate" Space Gallery, SF
5/22/08 "Local 365 Kick-off" Space Gallery, SF
5/5/08 "Jazz Mondays" Grant & Green, SF
4/26/08 "Space Heater" Jupiter, Berkeley
11/10/07 "SF Laptop Battle" 111 Minna Gallery, SF
9/8/07 "Nommo Ogo" Project Arteau, SF
8/14/07 "Super Happy Funtime" Oasis, Oakland
7/28/07 "Daly City Records" 111 Minna Gallery, SF
5/19/07 "Daly City Spank Rock" S. Clara House, SF
2/23/07 "Daly CIty CD Release" 111 Minna Gallery, SF
12/9/06 "Remade in America" Cellspace, SF
5/20/06 "Awake" Oakland Columbarium, Oakland
10/29/05 "Halloween" Otherworld, Oakland
7/7/05 "Catfive" House of Shields, SF
12/5/03 "ArtSF Matt Gonzalez" Cellspace, SF
10/10/03 " Law" Soul Tribe House, SF
8/29/03 "Shift Solos Records" Yerba Buena Center, SF
8/9/03 "All 4 the Luv" Punch Gallery, SF
7/31/03 "Que' Valor" Somarts, SF
4/28, 5/19, 6/23 2003 "Minimal Mondays" Hush Hush, SF
5/4/03 "Shortbus" La Casa Sangre, Oakland
4/17/03 "Circuit Breaker" Fuse, SF
4/03 "Terbo Ted" Hotel Utah, SF
3/03 "Synapse" Laslo, SF
2001 "Improvisational Jazz Trio" Sea Biscuit, SF